What is the difference between tungsten gold and tungsten alloy

The term tungsten gold comes from tungsten alloy. Tungsten alloys used in the industrial field are commonly referred to as tungsten steel. Later generations developed tungsten alloy materials for jewelry making in the fashion field, which are called "tungsten gold". Both tungsten gold and tungsten steel are tungsten alloys, but there are many differences: in terms of tungsten content, tungsten gold is much higher than tungsten steel; tungsten gold and tungsten steel have hardness comparable to diamonds, but tungsten gold is due to the particularity of the formula. , to avoid the extremely fragile characteristics of tungsten steel; in addition, the gloss of tungsten gold is not only far better than that of tungsten steel, but even surpasses all metals known on earth.

Tungsten alloy is an alloy composed of tungsten as the base and other elements. Among metals, tungsten has the highest melting point, high temperature strength and creep resistance, as well as thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity and electron emission properties. In electronics, electric light source industry, aerospace and other industries.

Difference: The range of tungsten alloys is larger, both tungsten gold and tungsten steel are tungsten alloys.