How is the tightness of wire cutting molybdenum wire suitable?

The tightness of the wire cutting molybdenum wire has a certain relationship with the processing efficiency, the surface finish of the workpiece, and the accuracy of the workpiece. It can be said that the tightness of the molybdenum wire is very important for the wire cutting process. According to his own experience and feel, the master can make very good molybdenum wire, and the processing effect is also very good. The molybdenum wire manufacturer tells us how the tightness of the molybdenum wire is suitable? (Thick workpiece, short workpiece. Hard material, soft material)

First of all, we must first understand the relationship between the tightness of the molybdenum wire. Compared with the tightness of the molybdenum wire, the molybdenum wire can carry more current, because the molybdenum wire is thinned, the resistance is also large, and the current is large. Also easy to break. Compared with loose molybdenum wire, molybdenum wire is more stable, not easy to shake, and not easy to stick to the knife, and the surface finish of cutting will be better.

Therefore, according to the above principle, we can roughly know that when we cut high workpieces, the molybdenum wire can be relatively loose, because if the molybdenum wire is pulled too tightly, the current of cutting the high workpiece can easily burn the molybdenum wire, and the short part can be cut more easily than the molybdenum wire. Tall pieces are a little tighter.

So hard material, soft material is actually not easy to distinguish. Generally speaking, it depends on the material. For example, when cutting copper, copper is a soft material. However, because of the characteristics of copper, we recommend that the molybdenum wire be tighter during cutting. Copper is not easy to remove chips during cutting. If it is too loose The molybdenum wire is easy to be stuck with the workpiece and cause a short circuit. Stainless steel is a hard material, but its characteristics are easy to stick to the knife. We also recommend that the molybdenum wire be tighter. So whether it is hard material or soft material, it is not said that it is divided according to the tightness, it can only be said that there is a corresponding tightness. A good tightness should be tried according to materials, parameters, oil, molybdenum wire carrying current, etc., in order to obtain a suitable tightness of molybdenum wire, which is also one of the conditions for distinguishing wire cutting masters from wire cutting general teachers.